Saturday, February 11, 2012

Even more of my favourite things ...

As I have two more half-finished blog posts that remain unpublished, and my supply of awesomeness (videos, pictures, ideas and the like that people have shared with me over the past weeks) is beginning to overflow again, here is another installment of "MY FAVOURITE THINGS!"

Pick and choose. Enjoy. Share!

Well under two minutes and absolutely beautiful! Slightly change how you say things and you can drastically change how the world occurs for you <3

A self-explanatory chart on how to stop worrying!

2:26 trailer for the movie "Beauty is Embarassing" ... "It's so beautiful it hurts my feelings"

Wonderful advice for all of my creative friends ...

3 minute trailer for the movie "Transcendence" ... looking at what inspires extreme athletes. 

Transcendence Trailer from Southern Underground Productions on Vimeo.

"Nuf Said!

I LOVE this guy! 6 minute YouTube video about a 92 year old skier back on the slopes less than a year after breaking his femur in a 75mph fall. Quotes include ... "I had such a good recovery ... because we made it fun!" and "I don't have bad days! I just don't have bad days. Every day is a miracle, and every day brings about opportunity and wonderfulness."

My attempt to justify posts like this one ;)

For every every time I thought I would die halfway through a workout!

Exactly ...

Jason Mraz continuing to show us just how beautiful the world is! (7:40)

The creative geniuses at OK Go with their latest 4 minute masterpiece...

A race I am doing in April in Des Moines, Iowa  :)

A question a friend sent me after I posted that I was without cell phone for a few days ... AWESOME!

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