Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why not just forget that you can't?

(This is a note to myself that I just found. I wrote it on a plane from Denver to Durango last October, en route to run across the Grand Canyon and back - an incredible experience about which I still have not really written. Anyway, here is what I had jotted down to share - better late than never...)

I was reflecting today on some of the things that I "knew" a few years ago that I wasn't "good at".

I knew I was not a runner.
I knew I was not a photographer.
I knew I was not a blogger.

I guess that how I "knew" these things is that I didn't do them, and that was proof enough for me that I "couldn't".

Fortunately, somewhere along the way I forgot that, and started to run anyway, and post pictures to Instagram anyway and write a blog anyway.

And it turns out I CAN run, not particularly fast but really, really far.

And I love so many of the pictures I snap. Not with any fancy equipment, but often I see something that grabs my eye and pull out my phone to capture it.

And my blog posts have been read 42,000 times and counting (and I really enjoy writing them).

So, apparently, the only thing stopping me from doing all of these things was my belief that I could not do them, which came solely from my not having done them.

Do you see that same insane loop anywhere in your life?

Is there something you wish you could do but "know" you can't?

Maybe you even tried ONCE and weren't "good" at it. Surprise, surprise!

Maybe (actually, definitely!) the secret is to do it anyway.

Don't take it all so seriously.

Have fun being "bad" at it and keep on keepin' on.

Do it for the sheer love of doing it, and you will find that, inevitably, you will start getting better at it too.

Hopefully, you STILL won't take it all too seriously, because I believe THAT is where the real magic lies - in becoming good at something that you would do even if you were bad at it :)

What are the things I still "know" I am bad at?
Playing musical instruments.
Maintaining a website.
Managing my money wisely.

Maybe it is time I give up those "beliefs", and simply start doing them as well.

This is just me rambling as I fly from Dallas to Durango (well, the pilot is flying - I am just passenging).

Hopefully, if you've bothered to read this far (and I forgive you if you haven't, though, of course, you won't know that - haha), you will have looked at places in your life where you can let go of some "can'ts" and get doing it anyway.


*** Just for fun, here is a great 4 minute video that a friend put together for me, without even being asked, from pics and clips I had posted on Facebook.

Thanks again Mark Beers! (His email is included at the end of the video, if you'd like him to create something for you.)


  1. Love it Johnny! See you in Denver in June at the IP Training, and next time you are in Durango look me up, I live here!

  2. Rebecca PsigodaMay 3, 2013 at 1:17 PM

    Hey Johnny, I hope you don't mind that I posted your blog to my facebook page... Much of your life and attitude is something I strongly resonate with...I really enjoyed your "story" when you spoke in Seattle and look forward to a more extensive version of that in Denver when you hold that keynote speaker position. I lived in my car for a year "once upon a time" and now pretty much live the "Happily ever after". As a therapist who, like you also uses hynotherapy as part of my work, I have worked with World class triathletes, a USA Olympic training coach, and created audio recordings for them to use while training... so I want them all to see your blog and find you... I am just the girl who talks to them... you are the guy who will actually show them... so I hope they all find you, read what you write, and listen to your incredibly motivating messages!