Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Living the Dream!

This morning, I had a wonderful, simple email exchange that made my day.

I had received a message from Ontario Car Kit Consultants, a very cool company owned and operated by my friend, Ed Konda (I have written about Ed and his company in this blog before - "Some Friends Indeed"). This particular message was an update on his latest project - a dune buggy. Here is a picture of that magical-machine-in-progress, alongside some of OCKC's other incredible builds.


Reflecting on my admiration for Ed's willingness to "follow his bliss", I sent him a one-line email ... "Truly living the dream!"

Ed soon responded with "As are you my friend... Modern gladiator going from challenge to challenge, training self and others along the way."

I had never before considered that perspective on my life, but I really like the way it sounds. Even more than the first part of that idea, embodied by my Death Race adventure this coming weekend, I am proud of the thought that I get to be a contribution to others. As I enter into the second half of my life (I turned 44 this week), my education is really just gearing up - and it is all about how to help others better prepare themselves for their own life adventures (e.g. certified hypnotherapist, Crossfit trainer, Infinite Possibilities coach, meditation instruction). 

In the fantastic film series I recently introduced in my hometown, Elevate Orillia, we screened "Finding Joe" last week.

I am truly grateful for my life, my adventure, and all of the awesome people like Ed who help me see greatness in myself and others.



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