Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Note TO The Universe ...


If you happen to be on my Facebook friends list, you have no doubt seen me post "Notes From The Universe". The most recent one I shared was just yesterday.
"If you knew how much you have in common with every single person now living in time and space, in terms of your deepest hopes and dreams, fears and worries, you'd wonder how I manage to tell you all apart."
They are written by Mike Dooley, and invariably inspire me while pointing the way to my becoming an even better human being. If you are interested in receiving these "free daily reminders of life's magic and your power", please click >>HERE<< to register. It is as simple as entering your name and email address. Trust me, you will be very glad that you did!

Several years ago, I declared that my life would be defined by "JOYFUL ADVENTURE AND LOVING CONTRIBUTION". I am doing my best to live up to that credo, and I believe I am doing a pretty decent job of it. In addition to being kind and generous in my day-to-day activities, I have been able to make a positive difference for hundreds of people through my hypnotherapy practice, as well as coaching and personal training. While I live (by choice) relatively simply, I am as happy as I could ever have imagined, with fulfilling work, incredible children, and exciting adventures (including my extreme endurance racing challenges, through which I have been able to raise thousands of dollars for support groups for children with cancer). I wish for everyone to experience this kind of joy.

Recently I committed to designing an inexpensive program I can offer to people who "just don't know where to begin". I have met so many folks over the years who are wishing desperately to start moving their lives in the "right" direction, and I know that I can help them. In researching and generating material for this program, I have found myself referring to Mike Dooley's work more than anyone else's, because of its beautiful simplicity and remarkable accessibility for pretty much anyone in any circumstance.

Getting to the point of this post - this week I received an invitation to be trained personally by Mike, becoming certified to deliver exactly the sort of program I have described. Mike initially developed this material while working with prison inmates, speaking to them "about life's beauty and power ... to help them deal more effectively with life and make better choices upon their release." After tremendous success with that population, Mike extended the training to people in addiction counselling, to victims of violence, to at-risk-youth. Of course, the same principles and philosophies - optimism, personal responsibility, possibility thinking - are equally valuable to people in less dire straits as well. Reflecting on this, I realized that, rather than "reinventing the wheel", it makes infinitely more sense for me to work directly with one of my greatest "mentors", and to be better equipped, sooner, to help more people fully embrace and enjoy their lives.

My challenge is this - the training is in Florida, next month. It is very reasonable, with my tuition and travel expenses totaling less than $1,000.00, but I simply cannot afford to go. Between providing for my kids, investing in my business, covering my racing expenses, and taking so much time away from work to volunteer as a youth wrestling coach, my finances are as tight as most people's. In fact, just last evening, I decided that I could not possibly attend and actually declined the invitation.

Still, I tossed and turned all night (odd for me, a deep deep sleeper), knowing that I am supposed to attend this training and deliver this valuable work. So, on waking, I turned to my "Notes From The Universe Perpetual Flip Calendar" for ideas. Thumbing randomly through the pages, these are the first thoughts that jumped out at me...

"Whether or not you can now see it, there is always a way. Let this truth be the guiding light in all you think, say, and do."
"If it's hard, there's something you're missing. Give it a little more thought, and remember, you're not alone - you have "helpers", and the entire Universe is on your side ... with insights, guidance, and support only a whisper away."

So, this afternoon, I sat with that for a few minutes. Alone. In silence. And then, in an instant, I knew how to make this all work. I remembered that the whole motivation for taking this training is to offer a very affordable, very effective program for people. And I am already blessed with a great many people who have seen the difference that I make in the world and who have tremendous confidence in my ability to help others.

So, THE SOLUTION: Offer YOU the opportunity to register yourself, or another, in the workshop, in advance, at a huge discount. Y'all will be my "charter" attendees in my "Gifts From The Universe" program, to be delivered in Orillia, Ontario in July and August of this year. WIN, WIN! I get to take this training now, and you get to benefit from it in the immediate future at a small fraction of the cost and value of the program.

(UPDATE: As one of the very first to respond to this idea was a dear friend in Toronto, I have decided to offer a few of these initial workshops in "the city" as well! If that helps you get on board, all the better!!)

Here is where I am going to ask you to take a leap of faith. 
  1. Ask yourself if you, or someone you know, would benefit from eight hours of guided reflection on how to work with yourself, the people in your life, and the various elements of your personal environment, to envision and materialize the goals and dreams that are important to you.
  2. Register NOW to attend a workshop this summer. I will be conducting it in small groups, so there will be several dates to choose from, ensuring your ability to attend (And if, for any reason, you are unable to, your money will be refunded in full).
Here is the offer. (This workshop has a value of, and will be offered in the future at a cost of, at least $200.00)
  • For only $75 - REGISTER yourself now.
  • For only $60 - GIFT a registration to someone of your choice.
  • For only $45 - SPONSOR a deserving attendee (I will work with local service organizations to identify appropriate candidates). This generous support of my endeavour, and your "random act of anonymous kindness" for a stranger, will be greatly appreciated!
Whatever you decide, THANK YOU very much for reading this far!

If you are declining this invitation, I will know that you are still sending me best wishes and I am grateful for that good energy ... :)

If you do wish to participate in this adventure with me, I want to, first and foremost offer you my most heartfelt appreciation. Whether your motivation is to help me or to participate in a powerful and positive workshop with me, I am both thrilled and humbled. Here is how you can do so ...
  • Send me the appropriate amount ($75, $60, $45) by one of the following methods
    • PayPal or Interac Email Transfer, to
    • or personal cheque to 115 Coldwater Rd W #6, Orillia, Ontario, L3V 3L5 (please email me to let me know you have sent this)
  • Identify, with your payment, who will be attending, along with a contact phone number and email address.
  • I will be in touch by June 12th with available dates for July and August!

P.S. If you have any doubt that Mike's thinking is in line with mine, here is the theme of the trainers' conference ... 

Spreading the news that life is the ultimate adventure!

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  1. Dude...
    SO glad that thoughts from the universe continue to inspire you... You will be an amazing teacher and as you say, the alignment is perfect (as is always the case when the U is involved :-)
    If I could send more tangible support than the best of the best possible wishes, I would ... thinking about you JDW..