Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesdays With Mor(e Great People)

Tonight I made dinner for four of the most important people in the world. My Mom, my Dad, my daughter and my son. (Ok, "I made dinner" may be a bit generous a statement - I heated a pre-made frozen lasagne, with my Mom bringing and making a fresh Caesar as well providing the leftover cake.)

We had a great time, as we always do, with lots of laughs and wide-ranging conversations. After I cleared the dishes, we stayed around my dining room table and (somehow, without arguing, even while not always agreeing) three generations discussed politics, racism, religion, legalization of marijuana,sex change operations, extreme sports and many other topics.

Eventually the subject of my movie series came up, with my parents asking what was screening next. This coming Tuesday evening, we will be showing Tom Shadyac's inspiring documentary "I AM".

Then I decided to show my folks the trailer for next month's feature "FINDING JOE"

With YouTube open, we somehow continued on a stream-of-consciousness procession of videos, with each of us recommending "just one more" - one after another after another. 

So, here is what we watched. 


Which I think speaks volumes about why I am so grateful for my awesome life  :)

... and a BONUS! Click >>HERE<< for "The Making of WTF? Video"


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