Monday, December 17, 2012

Just a thought...

Just a thought. Recently, I've had a number of conversations with people wondering if what they are doing matters. If they are doing what they should be doing. Why they look at other people and wonder if they should be doing "that" instead.

For the record, some of these people with whom I've spoken are doing incredible things. Truly epic things. World-saving, empire-building, record-breaking stuff! Living the sort of lives about which we think WE would be happy if only we were living them.

So, don't beat yourself up as you ask yourself these same questions!

LOVE yourself. ENJOY what you are doing. DREAM about what you'd like to do next. ACT to bring that new reality about.

And enjoy it all, because none of those parts of living are inherently better or more important than any of the others. Don't wait for anything to BE HAPPY.

BE HAPPY NOW :) And then go ahead and wonder all you want, notice the changes you want to make, act, fail, start again, laugh, cry, reset. You can be happy through all of that.

A sunrise earlier this week. Taken at side of Hwy in New York State.
On way home from watching meteor shower from top of  AVT mountain.
Life IS Good.

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