Monday, November 12, 2012

Thank you for being "___er" than I am :)

Something I have been thinking about all day...

I used to worry that I wasn't ____ enough.

And any time I needed to prove to myself that this was true, I just had to look at someone more ____ than myself.

And there was always someone more ____ than me, so it ended up being a bit of a trap.

And I found myself resenting people simply for being the way I wanted to be. 

Which is quite crazy really.

So, somewhere along the way, I decided to stop doing that. Instead of comparing myself with everyone else, I would just love myself as I am and love them as they are. 

And a great thing happened - suddenly I began to appreciate them for their "___ness", and the very characteristic that used to threaten me now made my world bigger and better. 

And I usually found that people (at least the ones who find themselves loved and appreciated) are quite happy to share their "___ness" and that I ended up being way more ___ too, which was the exact result I had always wanted anyway.

Now, I am crazy blessed to know many of the "___est" people in the world.

Insert whatever awesome adjective you want ... nice! funny! cool! fit! fast! strong! smart! sexy! groovy! kind! inspiring! (Hell, so far that is just Olof Dallner! Haha!) 

Some of them are my oldest friends and some are the newest. Every one of them is in some way "___er" than me, and I am so blessed by that.

So, my advice is simple: always find the best in people and celebrate the shit out of it. 

Know that the easiest way to grow, joyfully, in the direction you want your life to go, is to be around people who already embody it.

And be equally appreciative and loving towards those people who see something great in you.

That is it. Carry on. I love you   :)

P.S. If you are wondering if you are the one who is "___er" than I am, the answer is YES! Thank you for that.

P.P.S. Thanks to everyone who has been moved to share this post. It really resonated with me when I wrote it and I am glad that it resonated with you when you read it <3


  1. This is my all time favourite JDW post!
    You are so _______ and amazingly ______. I can believe how ______ you are, my_______ friend :-)

    From your ______ pal.

  2. I used this post with my 8th graders...they think u r cool and that my friend says a lot...coming from 13 and 14 year olds