Saturday, March 17, 2012

Adventures at the ATM

This is a repost of my Facebook status from yesterday ...

Interesting opportunity for reflection this afternoon. While my car was in for maintenance earlier today, my son and I were doing errands downtown on foot during this gorgeous weather. One of those errands was to deposit some money at a bank ATM. As often happens, I was having a conversation with someone while using the machine, and then Jack and I carried on up the street. About an hour ago I was looking for my card and realized I must have left it in the ATM. As my branch is closed for the night, I could not go retrieve it, so went online to get the phone number to report the card lost. While logged in I looked at the account balance and saw that immediately after my deposit there were two ATM withdrawals, for $100 and $300 respectively. So, obviously whoever was behind me in line was able to access my accounts (peeked pin? maybe the card hadn't been returned yet?).
I have reported all of that and cancelled the card. Don't have any idea if I will be covered by the bank for the $ (doubt it). My son even remembers seeing the lady who came to the machine after us - 40 to 50 years old, short, stocky - and I have passed her description along.

The part that I find interesting is that I am not particularly upset. Don't get me wrong - I will very much miss that $400 and wish it had not been stolen. But, I am fully aware that the money is gone whether I am angry or not. So rather than surrendering my good mood as well as the money, I am choosing to keep the part that I can. I also don't wish ill on the thief. I will tell myself that it was a difficult decision for her to make, and one that goes against her normal nature. Perhaps she was in desperate straits, unable to feed her kids or about to lose her apartment and felt this was her only hope. Or she is blowing it all on drugs and booze and laughing at me - but I have no way of knowing so choose to believe the story that makes me feel best. All I know for sure is that I have undoubtedly had a better day than she will (perhaps better than she ever will), hanging out with my awesome kids. Picking up my reliable car. Helping people every chance I get. Being honest and feeling happy with myself.


BONUS STORY!!! (from same day)
BEST MOMENT OF MY DAY: As we paid for our purchases at a store today, and were headed out the door, my son Jack said to me, "Dad. That lady behind us bought a CD rack that looks pretty heavy for her to carry. Should I go back and help her?" Of course I said "Yes" and he did. When we go to the car she wanted to give him some money and Jack politely declined. Then she said "Dad, you are doing a great job raising that boy." To be honest, he makes me look good! :)

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  1. yippee daddy!!!! There is nothing better than a well mannered teen to bring a smile to us old fogies : )