Thursday, May 5, 2011

Inertia ...

Yikes. After building up some great blogging momentum, I have really hit a wall! Granted, the past few weeks have been wonderfully busy with wrestling tournaments, work, training, but not really more so than last month. Somehow I found time then that I haven't made recently. Something for me to think about ...

There has been no lack of activity to blog about! My daughter won a silver medal at her national wrestling championships ... my son has decided to be a "competitive" paintball player (there really IS such a thing) ... I have struggled through foot injuries to get back in the gym and on the road ... I worked on an unsuccessful election campaign for one of the best people I know ... I watched my American neighbours wildly celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden, and tried to sort through my thoughts, feelings, opinions on all that ... I helped a friend mediate a very challenging divorce proceeding ... my real estate business has picked up ... I have been working with two new coaching clients who bring fresh, interesting challenges for me to help them navigate through ... I have been hired to speak to a group of baseball umpires about the challenges of stepping up to a higher level of competition. Any one of these provides more than enough material and inspiration for a kickass post - but it hasn't been in me.

It's a funny paradox. I always balked at blogging because I thought "who cares what I have to say" ... and now I feel guilty for not writing, assuming that people are hanging on my every word - haha!

There have been several "first paragraphs" written ... including on these "coming soon" topics ...

  • I'm Not Dead Yet!
  • DON'T Put Your Best Foot Forward
  • I Don't Care What My Opinion Is!
  • 2008 - The Year I Shit The Bed
  • Happy Anyway
  • Too Much Stuff
  • Energy Is Everything Is Energy
... and, yet, I didn't hit my stride with any (though I'm certain they will all be gems soon!).

So, now I am headed to bed. I leave tomorrow morning for another trip to Pittsfield, VT. In true Death Race style, I am not even sure what awaits me when I get there. I thought I was going to run a 30 mile mountain trail race, but have now been told to bring my axe, a weighted vest and a 5 gallon pail, and to be ready to start at 5am Saturday. This should be interesting.

Back soon!


  1. Can't wait to hear about the latest trip to Pittsfield, VT. Hope your foot cooperates for the duration. And...keep the blogs posts coming as time allows, I for one really enjoy them!

  2. I love reading the posts as well! :) I also hope your training went well! Can't wait to hear about it! Your blogs are great - so even if we have to wait a couple weeks to read a new one it is worth the wait!

  3. looking forward to the 2008 one ;)