Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tonight's 75 minute speech compressed to 75 seconds.

"YES is almost always better than NO.

No can only get you no-thing. Yes can get you anything. Even if it does not get you what you thought you wanted, it will get you something. And that will lead to more. The awesome stuff may be hidden around a few bends, but Yes keeps you in the flow of possibility.

It may end up that yes leads you to something hard. I hope it does! Hard is not bad. We've been fooled into thinking that easy is good, and are becoming weak, lazy and bored. There is a reason we love Rocky. Respect comes with working for something. They do not build statues for lottery winners.

Besides, what do "good" and "bad" even mean?? The fact is that WE get to DECIDE! In truth, we are making ALL of this up as we go. All of it. Always. So think up a story that interests - no, that FASCINATES - you.

And don't shy away from adventure - no matter what form it shows up in. It's not all about climbing mountains. A cancer diagnosis is still an adventure, and you choose how you are going to respond. Whatever is, IS. And it's 100% up to you what you do with it. There is opportunity in anything to inspire others and make the world a better place.

So where to begin? Somewhere. Anywhere! Start exactly where you are, and begin by finding something for which to be grateful. That will be the spark that lights a fire. Then, the fuel for that fire is whatever excites you. Not just what you are good at, but what stirs your soul. Whatever that awesomeness is, commit to generating more of it in the world.

Then do something. Anything! Show up for your life with energy and commitment, and invite others to join you on this path. You do not need to convince anyone of anything. Just share your light and you will soon be doing incredible things with amazing people.

You are in the perfect place to start your life adventure, and now is the perfect time. It germinates with YES, is fertilized by gratitude, sprouts with joyful work and blossoms in love."

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