Thursday, March 27, 2014


Meeting Joe Desena very much changed my life.

It was in March of 2011, and this is the post I wrote at that time - "My Weekend at Camp in Pittsfield, VT". If you've ever pondered the difference between "trying" and "doing", it is well worth the read. And it was the start of an incredible adventure for me, that has me redefining what is possible for myself again and again, to where I now know there really are no limits.

Joe is the founder of Spartan Race, as well as the creator of The Death Race. He is a world-class endurance athlete, millionaire many times over in business, visionary, and fantastic father and husband. He is also now my good friend, as well as my boss (I am the International Quality Director for Spartan Race - meaning I work with our partners around the world to ensure that our events are the best obstacle races everywhere on the planet).

Joe is one of those incredible individuals who massively impacts the lives of everyone with whom his path crosses. His own story is truly remarkable, but Joe is far more interested in your story - or, more specifically, what story you are going to write from this moment onward. He doesn't give a shit about your excuses - and we are very familiar with Joe's completely deadpan face as he hears them (but doesn't). What Joe does care a LOT about are your dreams, and he lights up as he seizes the opportunity to help you step up - or as he says "Spartan Up!"

You may not all get the chance to meet Joe (but let me know if you'd like to - I know where he is the third weekend in June every year). But you CAN all benefit from Joe's influence, like I have. His new book "Spartan Up!" comes out May 17th and I STRONGLY suggest you pre-order it HERE. I am fortunate to have read an advance copy and I can tell you this - it has much more to do with life than with racing, but it will definitely make you way better at both!

 Spartan Up! The Book

This is the first "product endorsement" I have ever made on my blog - and it is not because I was asked to. It is because I believe that strongly in it. I have seen, first-hand, the difference that Joe is making in people's lives. One of the best feelings ever is running "sweep" at a Spartan Race - following the very last racer, ensuring that they make it safely to the Finish Line. I have done this in several countries, on multiple continents, and am always bown away at the amazing stories I hear. These people often take up to SIX times as long to complete the course as the winners, struggling with every step. They attempt every obstacle, "failing" to complete most and doing doing the 30 "Burpee" penalty at each. They usually cry at some point, when they don't know if they can take another step. Then they remember the commitment they made. They remember the day they decided that enough was enough - they were no longer willing to see life as a collection of things they could not do. And they press on. The biggest tears come at the Finish - when they receive their medal, and the immeasurable respect of other racers, family, staff and strangers. As Joe says "They have now created a new place to stand, from which to look forward at a whole new world of possibility for themselves and others."

On that note, I must go pack for my upcoming trip to Europe - where I am meeting with Spartan Race organizers in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Slovaki and Czech Republic over the next several weeks. I am truly blessed to be able to contribute to the growth and inspiration of people around the globe. Speaking of which - let me know what race you will be at so that we can connect in person!! Here is the 2014 Schedule :) ...

Looking forward to seeing you!

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