Saturday, February 9, 2013

I guess I am NOT "that guy" ...

When I first started blogging, I thought "I hope I don't turn into 'that guy' who posts every little thing I do as though the world will find me as fascinating as I find myself!" (Besides, that is what FACEBOOK is for, right? Haha!)

There have been times when my posts have been more frequent than others, but I have found, especially recently, that making time to write has been the biggest challenge.

Yesterday, as I stood at the top of a volcano in Nicaragua, I thought "I really need to blog about this". There was the 4:45am start (in the dark, of course). My awesome guide who spoke as much English as I speak Spanish (meaning zero). The ridiculous climb. The thick cloud and 30mph winds at the top. The random livestock roaming all over the lower half of the steep pitch. The howler monkeys as we came back through the jungle.

I've had the same "gotta blog" thought about so many other things here on Ometepe. The beautiful people. The extraordinarily simple way of life - truly like going back in time (but with WiFi). The magic that is The Cornerhouse B&B Restaurant and Coffee Shop.

But there is a bit of a backlog right now. Here is an incomplete, but indicative, list of some things about which I have NOT blogged "yet".

  • Failing to Complete the 2012 Spartan Death Race
  • WINNING the inaugural Team Death Race with Ray Morvan, Don Devaney and Dave French
  • Running across the Grand Canyon and back (Rim To Rim To Rim)
  • Speaking as the kickoff for Queen's Universities acclaimed annual QLEAD conference
  • Visiting a friend in the hospital in New Hampshire then climbing a mountain in VT to watch a meteor shower (THAT was a pretty great day!!)
  • Being hired by Spartan Race as International Quality Control Manager (meaning I am paid to travel around the world, working with incredible people organizing epic races)
  • Receiving a standing ovation for my 1-hour address at Mike Dooley's Train The Trainer "Infinite Possibilities" workshop (and a lifechanging tangent that opportunity has since taken me on), and being asked to organize an imromptu group workshop in self-hypnosis the following morning.
  • My own epic meltdown simply volunteering at Winter Death Race
  • and LOTS of other things along the way..
And it doesn't matter, of course, whether or not I write about these things. Except that it kind of does, because I have great friends who actually care what happens on these adventures. Including the ones there with me (like my teammates in TDR, to whom I have promised a post entitled "Don Is Awesome, Ray Pisses A LOT, and Dave's Ass Must Hurt SO Much") who look forward to hearing our tale recounted.

Frankly, it may be a while still until I get back into a writing groove. I am pecking this out as I wait for my ferry from Moyogalpa to San Jorge (to then take a cab to Rivas and a bus to San Juan Del Sur in time to watch the sun set while I swim in the Pacific Ocean). Tomorrow I fly to Mexico City for 4 days (to help prepare for Mexico's inaugural Spartan Race). Then back to Nicaragua to race in Fuego Y Agua Survival Run on Ometepe. Then 2 days surfing in Costa Rica before a weekend back in Canada with my amazing kids before flying to Australia for 3+ weeks to launch Spartan Race downunder (and catch the Future Music Festival while I am there). Then a few days much-anticipated layover in Los Angeles on my way home (yep, the end of March by then), arriving back in Orillia just in time for my Mum's always awesome Easter dinner!

And then the REAL adventures start :)

(Sincerely, if you DO read this and ARE somehow interested in what I am
up to between my sporadic posts, feel free to add me to Facebook, with a
message letting me know you've come from Living Myself To Death.)


  1. So glad you checked in. Your words, positivity and journey recaps are greatly missed. <3

  2. You are "that guy" if "that guy" is the guy who makes people want to be a better person : )
    You are "that guy" if that guy makes people take a breath and see the glass half full...
    You are "that guy" if that guy is the guy I am so so so proud to call my friend...
    so sorry dude...
    you are that guy ; )