Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hanging Out with The Universe this Weekend!

It has taken huge news to drag me from my blogging slump... 

Somehow I did NOT post after winning the Team Death Race in September, nor after my 4th Toronto Waterfront Marathon finish in October, nor after running across the Grand Canyon and back (R2R2R) in November, nor giving the kickoff keynote at Queen's University's QLEAD conference. All of those events were way beyond "post-worthy" (and will each get proper treatment "soon"), and yet I have never paused to reflect and recount - instead, just putting my head down and pressing merrily along into the next adventure each time.

This, though, is bubbling to the top. Mainly because it is an awesome example of how anything can happen, and how it is always best to say YES to The Universe, and to be open to awesome opportunities and everyday magic.


Seattle, Washington, January 10th–13th, 2013 - 3 DAY CONFERENCE

Mike Dooley is a New York Times Bestselling author, world-renowned speaker, featured teacher in The Secret and the creator of Notes From The Universe, the daily email wisdom-bombs received by half a million people in 185 countries (sign up here NOW). I have been receiving his Notes From The Universe for years, ever since seeing The Secret in 2004.

So, how in the world did I end up being hired as the speaker for HIS conference?? Well, that is a great question and a great story!

Back in the Spring, my good friend Ginny Bogaert saw Mike present his "Playing The Matrix and Getting What You Really Want" seminar in, Pittsburgh, PA. She came back raving about the experience and told me about his "Infinite Possibilities Train The Trainer Conference" coming up in June in Orlando. I remember thinking "That is definitely something I should do!" Then life got busy, I was preparing for my return to Pittsfield, VT for my third Spartan Death Race (having finished Summer 2011 and Winter 2012), and I forgot all about Train The Trainer. I cannot remember what put it back on my radar - probably an email reminder from Mike's organization - but suddenly it was front and center again.

I really, really wanted to go, but did not see how it was possible. I had already taken a lot of time away from work to coach youth wrestling (including Nationals in Prince Edward Island), had no money (I mean none - if I posted a screenshot of my bank account from then the predominant colour would be red), and had the most difficult race of my life coming up less than a week later. So, I made the decision to not attend.

And somehow I still felt compelled to go ...

So, I wrote THIS BLOG POST (Please read it - it is critical to this story!)

And then THIS happened (Yes, please read it too!!)

So, after that miracle, I attended the event and it was amazing! Three days of awesomeness.

I met Mike and told him the story of how I ended up attending (if you are wondering "What story??", then you did not read the linked posts above. So here they are again ... #1 and #2). Mike is everything I expected and more. Dynamic, motivating and absolutely exuding infinite possibility!

I met Frank Frerrante, last year's dinner speaker and star of "May I Be Frank" (the very movie that launched Elevate Orillia Uplifting Film Series!!). Frank is an incredible human being, so full of love and joy and energy and passion. It would have been worth the whole trip just to see Frank speak, and I did not even know he was going to be there when I booked! I strongly encourage you to buy his movie, watch it share it with friends and family. You will be healthier for it, happier, and simply an all around better human being.

And I met Regena Schwarz Garrepy, the event co-ordinator and founder of The Bye Bye Good Girl Movement. Regena is an absolute force of nature, and we became good friends, staying in touch through Facebook and coaching one another via Skype. Eventually, Regena was instrumental in my selection as speaker.

I came away from the weekend a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, and have since taken many people through the program, including; several of the wonderful friends who made June's trip possible, and teens and twenty-somethings at the Orillia Youth Center. Further, the work has significantly impacted my personal coaching, my hypnosis practice, my presentation style and even my own day to day way of being. While it was already very much in line with who I am in the world, it crystallized many things that I did not previously have the words to describe.

Since June, I have stayed in touch with Mike, Regena, Frank (as well as Ginny - who got this whole ball rolling - and Debb, another wonderful friend I made in the Buffalo airport on our way to Orlando)., keeping them apprised of my work with the program. Along the way, Regena also noticed my posts about speaking engagements - at schools, universities, the Ontario Provincial Police, Tim Horton's HQ, etc - as well as my unique racing experiences.

So, a couple of months ago, I received a call from Regena asking me if I would be interested in flying to Seattle "in the New Year" to speak at Mike's next Train The Trainer conference - "on the topic of embodying Infinite Possibility in your day to day life".

I said that I would, and she said "Leave that with me. I will see how things shape up and get back to you." Then, on December 17th, I received my official invitation, which I gladly accepted.

And here I am in Seattle. Hanging out with "The Universe" himself (ok, the man who generates the Notes From The Universe), and his remarkable team - an extraordinarily engaged, inspiring bunch. Pretty cool, considering I didn't think I could attend back in June (not to mention that I was sleeping in my truck just two Junes before that).

So, I am just about to head down for the Opening Evening social. There are some brief comments from Mike and a lot of mingling, ice-breaker conversations. Then tomorrow morning is curriculum, with my speech slotted Saturday afternoon. It will be one hour, sharing personal insights from my riches-to-rags-to-adventures life of the past several years, and I hope to be able to upload that video for you to see soon :)

Alright, here we go!!!!!

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