Saturday, June 16, 2012

Death Race Chronicles - Day 2 - Overnight/Morning

Saturday, June 17th - 1:00pm
posted by James Waite

There is very little news of the race today, but a ton of speculation.  One of the two latest reports are that the racers will be arriving at camp within 45 minutes, the other is that they will not be seen until 6pm.

What is sure is that no-one has seen their racer since they left to begin the hike last night at 7pm, to the great consternation of the support crew who are anxious about the food and water situation, which is grim according to many of the returning (DNF) racers.  They are telling tales of endless hiking along vicious, sometimes-not-even-footworn paths, all the while carrying the kayaks, pipes and tires, in areas so remote that even the news crews covering the event can't get hikers/cameras in to document.

As racers drop out, they are held at a gathering point until there are enough to justify a shuttle van making the trip to return them to Aimee Farm.  So every couple of hours, a van rolls up and 8-10 racers slowly empty out and unload their gear.

The latest load included a guy who recognized the Johnny Waite "CREW" shirts and called us over to say "Johnny looks GREAT!  He's doing just fine."

So it seems like there's not much to do except sit and wait and be ready to spring into Support Mode whenever the racers appear.

Will update again when there's anything credible to report (beyond the absolutely incredible so far)!

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  1. We are following from Scotland.
    Wish Johnny the best for us.