Friday, June 15, 2012

Death Race Chronicles - Day 1 - Noon

Friday, June 15th - Noon
posted by James Waite

The day started with a coffee and bagel at the Trailside Inn, where many racers spent the night in a "hostel" wing with several rooms with bunks, then it was off to Aimee Farm to set up the support tent and organize gear for the race.

A Global News crew is down from Toronto to cover several of the Canadian racers throughout the event and they got some footage of John organizing his gear and readying his pack, as well as capturing his thoughts on race strategy, preparation and attitude.  John said "Two things you will hear me say a LOT this weekend.  'I don't know' and 'It's all good", because really, when it comes down to it, I DON'T know and it IS all good.'"

As in years past, the General Store served as the gathering point for racers, with the first official task to attend the 10am Race Meeting in the parking lot.  Andy Weinberg addressed the crowd gathered around him and standing three deep along the front porch of the store, welcoming everyone and saying "These are some of the fittest people you will ever be around in your life. These are the kind of people we like to hang out with!". He announced that 258 racers have entered, suggesting that number would be cut to 158 by Saturday morning, 58 by Sunday morning, 8 by Monday and none by Tuesday.

Joe Desena set the crowd abuzz by announcing that in keeping with this year's theme of "Betrayal", there are 18 unidentified racers who are actually "embedded" by the organizers, whose sole function is to irritate and undermine the other racers.  The meeting was ended with the next instruction, which is to be at the Riverside Inn for Registration at 2pm, after which there may or may not be a weigh-in, which may or may not take place at the top of the mountain (a 45 minute hike along a dirt road).

Following the announcements, many racers and crew settled into the comfort of the General Store to eat, strategize, meet fellow racers and, in many cases, catch up with friends gained in past events.

The strategists were sent into high gear when it was discovered that some race "hints" were left outside on the grass, and an overview of race tasks was posted on a refrigerator.  Given the theme of Betrayal, no one is sure that all or even any of these things are in store, but it has sure made for great conversation and speculation. 


Johnny's reaction when asked if he thought the tasks were legitimate or red herrings?

"I don't know, but's it's all good."

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