Friday, June 15, 2012

All set up for DR2012

Friday morning. In the General Store in Pittsfield, VT. First pre-race meeting done. Lots of familiar faces. Loving life! A few random tasks through the day - hike to top of mountain for weigh-in, 2pm mtg, sounds like 6pm start, though they say "the race has already started" so ready for anything.

Turning the blog over to brother James for the weekend. Unlike last year we should have "great" weather - hot and sunny (well, except at night when it will be hot and dark). Still, no way to predict what is happening as far as the actual race and very spotty wifi at the General Store - but James will do his best to keep you up to date. Sounds like pics and videos will mostly be uploaded to facebook and tagged, with this space mostly for quick text updates. Also, Amanda will be tweeting updates, so follow @jodawaite.

Thanks for giving a shit about this silliness I get up to ;)

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