Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Death Race for POGO

One of the best things to come of my participating in The 2011 Spartan Death Race is my ongoing involvement with POGO, an organization supporting children coping with cancer. Last year you helped me raise approximately $6,000.00 for POGO - and that was an enormous motivator for me as I went on to be one of just 35 finishers of the 255 who had registered for the race. My thinking was that if these kids can endure years of cancer treatment, and still be smiling at the end, then certainly I could endure a few days of racing in the mountains, woods and stream of Vermont. This attitude helped me greatly, and I was known as the guy who was always smiling, no matter how awful things got through the 45 straight hours that the race lasted :)

Here are links to posts from last year ...
I am headed to Pittsfield, VT again later this month for The 2012 Spartan Death Race, which promises to be tougher and longer than ever. Whereas, last year, people were astonished that I would take something like this on, now I think it is what they have come to expect. So, I am not exactly asking you to "sponsor" me by donating to POGO. More accurately, I am using this race as my platform to direct your attention to POGO and I hope many people will make donations simply because they believe in the important work POGO does.

From POGO's website ... "The Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO) was founded in 1983 by a group of pediatric oncologists to champion childhood cancer care and control. As the representative voice of the childhood cancer community, POGO works to ensure that all of Ontario's children have equal access to state-of-the-art diagnosis, treatment and required ancillary services. We also aim to make certain that Ontario's children have the greatest prospects for survival with an optimal quality of life. "

It is important to note that POGO has a dedicated satellite clinic at Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital, allowing area children to receive their treatment right here at home, saving thousands of both kilometers and hours, otherwise spent driving to and from Toronto.

First, watch this amazing video. It is not by POGO or The Spartan Death Race but it is very relevant. It was put together by the Seattle Children's Hospital and features childhood cancer patients singing Stronger (I still cannot watch it without crying tears of love and amazement at their awesome spirit).

Then, to remember how much life can still be waiting for these amazing children, watch this ...
(It was posted by a friend of mine, and you can vote for this inspiring athlete in a contest >>HERE<<)

Now, click below to donate to POGO!!

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  1. John thank you for sharing this is awesome!! I love his message in the last video - Anything is possible, SO true!!
    Good luck with the race!